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How Can I Get My Soaking Wet Carpet To Dry?

Why Did The Carpet Cleaner Drench My Carpet?

“The carpet cleaner I hired told me my carpet would be dry inside of 5 or 6 hours after he’d cleaned it. So, we took off for a while and went and ran errands and things like that, leaving our heater on all the way up. It was still pretty damp when we had gotten back home after 7 hours. We were like “wow” because that’s when we realized that they must have put a significant amount of water down on the carpet and didn’t extract it well. After 2 days, the carpet was barely beginning to dry, but was still wet and was now also beginning to develop a horrible stench! Why is it still so damp, but more importantly, what do I have to do to get it to finish drying?”

Unfortunately, this is an all too familiar outcome in the carpet cleaning world. Now you have a real big problem. It is unfortunate when this happens because a few different things come into play here due to the extreme wetness. Not only is it going to take considerable time to dry, but when it actually does finish drying, you will most likely be left with a highly undesirable smell in the form of a nauseating musty odor that will test your coping skills!

But, don’t try to spend a lot of time focusing on drying the carpet only because you will just be wasting your time. The problem lies within the padding and it will take some time to dry, especially if you do not have the proper drying equipment and knowledge because the padding gets very little air flow when you compare it to what kind of exposure the carpet has. Depending on how wet the padding is, if you were to step on the carpet you will see that the carpet will re-absorb the water your body weight squeezes out of the padding as you walk on it, essentially re-wetting the carpet.

Snail Air Mover Fan
Drying Of Soaking Wet Carpet

To dry carpet padding and carpet in these types of scenarios, you will have to roll or peel the carpeting up, separating it from the padding so that it gets significant exposure to air flow. If you don’t have access to proper equipment for this challenge, then you are going to simply have to let it all dry on it’s own – the carpet and the padding. You can rent equipment for this type of effort at your local hardware store. The trade name for the types of fans that were designed to move air in this manner, underneath carpet and between all the layers involved are called snail movers, snail air movers, snail mover fans, snail dryers, etc.

Time To Take A Trip Over To The High Quality Carpet Cleaning Side Of Things.

Many times after the moisture has been taken care of, the smell of it all will most likely end up being a troublesome challenge to have to contend with and that’s an unfortunate side effect. This is where a professional carpet cleaner comes into the picture that is qualified to provide you the best cleaning and deodorizing possible. I suppose you could try to make use of over the counter store bought deodorizers and powders to help alleviate the horrible odor that will now be emanating for some time to come. But those are mostly a mask effect and you will have to be applying and re-applying a lot over time and that could lead to clogging up and destroying your vacuum cleaner.

Moral of the story is that a competent carpet cleaner who is knowledgeable and had all the right equipment to perform quality carpet cleaning wouldn’t have left your carpet soaked at all, making for a soaking wet pad that takes days to dry. It’s a miserable outcome when this happens. It can really put you out of your comfort zone and daily life routine. It really tends to give the carpet cleaining industry and carpet cleaners in general a bad reputation. These are the kinds of things that can get consumers thinking about going to wood floors or tile and grout. If this keeps up, there may never be anymore carpet to clean one of these days.

To get more tips, tricks, and information from a reputable source and stop the vicious cycle of cheap, crappy carpet cleaning results, learn much more here and see why it’s so important to set the tempo for success early on from the get go and not just concentrate on saving a buck all the time.


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