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Why Can’t I Find A Quality Carpet Cleaning Company In San Diego

The Illusive Quality San Diego Carpet Cleaner

As far as carpet cleaning San Diego companies go, there are a lot of them. In fact, there are a few hundred in the entire county. But, not all of them perform quality carpet cleaning techniques that consumers are looking for. Sure, they might know what all the newest terms are and will use them in their marketing, but time and time again they just have not been able to deliver on what true quality consists of.

There are different forms of carpet cleaning for both the commercial and residential ends from sanitizing truckmount hot water extraction (HWE), also known as vapor steam cleaning to very low moisture cleaning (VLM) when a quick drying result is necessary. Getting carpet to dry fast is something that is easy, if a carpet cleaner knows what they are doing but the strange thing is that many do not leave their customers and clients carpeting dry. In fact, they tend to leave carpet sloshing wet and this makes for a whole host of problems from wicking to a creating a moldy mildew, musky odor.

What happens is the cleaning technician loses control of all the water they applied as well as the soap that was mixed in and successfully buried it and blasted tons of dirt down with it into the sub-layering of the carpet. When you sink all that dirt via all that moisture, it will resurface as it is drying. Depending on how much water went down, this could have created a situation for carpet delaminating.

These are the types of results that you want to avoid. How do you avoid potential results like this? For starters, don’t set out to go for the cheapest deal possible because this will usually make for quick and dirty results that will leave you with disappointment and headaches. Many consumers tend to do this and end up wondering why they had to experience ill results. It is very easy to become one with the times that may be making for the types of pricing tactics that are designed to entice by luring you in cheap and then switching up the price in a pressurized way later.

Types Of Quality Carpet Cleaning

Steam cleaning or hot water extraction was designed to provide consumers with the best possible cleaning for carpets. It is considered by Shaw Industries to be the preferred method of cleaning in order not to void the warranty your carpet has through them. Truckmounted steam extraction sanitizes and kills bacteria and viruses, along with critters that might be living in your carpet like mites from dust, fleas, and lice. It’s also the best for removing soil from dirt and grease. On top of that, it has the ability to remove any chemical residues that would otherwise be left behind on carpet using any other technique like an old school shampoo for example.

Quality Carpet Family

Which brings us to what has come to be known as “zero residue” and what it is all about. Companies might claim that they can get your carpet clean without using any kind of soap. But, is that even possible? You have to seriously ask yourself, “would I take a shower with just water and feel satisfied that the water alone cleaned me well enough? I have to get these dishes done but I ran out of dish washing liquid, I wonder if just hot water alone would sterilize the bacteria and viruses from our mouths and surrounding environment they’ve been in for a couple of days??” Both of those scenarios need a soap of some kind involved, especially when washing dirty dishes as our mouths tend to have some filthy stuff involved sometimes.

Carpets should be treated the same way. After all, carpets are a whole lot dirtier and laced with the potential for sickness due to what we might step on outside in our environment or what might get spilled down in the form of vomit, feces, urine, slobber, excrement, food that can go rotten, and so much more bacteria ridden things. Who knows what you might have stepped on out there in the real world? The thing here is going to be to find that quality carpet cleaning service in San Diego that specializes in quality and can truly deliver on performance.

How Can I Get My Soaking Wet Carpet To Dry?

Why Did The Carpet Cleaner Drench My Carpet?

“The carpet cleaner I hired told me my carpet would be dry inside of 5 or 6 hours after he’d cleaned it. So, we took off for a while and went and ran errands and things like that, leaving our heater on all the way up. It was still pretty damp when we had gotten back home after 7 hours. We were like “wow” because that’s when we realized that they must have put a significant amount of water down on the carpet and didn’t extract it well. After 2 days, the carpet was barely beginning to dry, but was still wet and was now also beginning to develop a horrible stench! Why is it still so damp, but more importantly, what do I have to do to get it to finish drying?”

Unfortunately, this is an all too familiar outcome in the carpet cleaning world. Now you have a real big problem. It is unfortunate when this happens because a few different things come into play here due to the extreme wetness. Not only is it going to take considerable time to dry, but when it actually does finish drying, you will most likely be left with a highly undesirable smell in the form of a nauseating musty odor that will test your coping skills!

But, don’t try to spend a lot of time focusing on drying the carpet only because you will just be wasting your time. The problem lies within the padding and it will take some time to dry, especially if you do not have the proper drying equipment and knowledge because the padding gets very little air flow when you compare it to what kind of exposure the carpet has. Depending on how wet the padding is, if you were to step on the carpet you will see that the carpet will re-absorb the water your body weight squeezes out of the padding as you walk on it, essentially re-wetting the carpet.

Snail Air Mover Fan
Drying Of Soaking Wet Carpet

To dry carpet padding and carpet in these types of scenarios, you will have to roll or peel the carpeting up, separating it from the padding so that it gets significant exposure to air flow. If you don’t have access to proper equipment for this challenge, then you are going to simply have to let it all dry on it’s own – the carpet and the padding. You can rent equipment for this type of effort at your local hardware store. The trade name for the types of fans that were designed to move air in this manner, underneath carpet and between all the layers involved are called snail movers, snail air movers, snail mover fans, snail dryers, etc.

Time To Take A Trip Over To The High Quality Carpet Cleaning Side Of Things.

Many times after the moisture has been taken care of, the smell of it all will most likely end up being a troublesome challenge to have to contend with and that’s an unfortunate side effect. This is where a professional carpet cleaner comes into the picture that is qualified to provide you the best cleaning and deodorizing possible. I suppose you could try to make use of over the counter store bought deodorizers and powders to help alleviate the horrible odor that will now be emanating for some time to come. But those are mostly a mask effect and you will have to be applying and re-applying a lot over time and that could lead to clogging up and destroying your vacuum cleaner.

Moral of the story is that a competent carpet cleaner who is knowledgeable and had all the right equipment to perform quality carpet cleaning wouldn’t have left your carpet soaked at all, making for a soaking wet pad that takes days to dry. It’s a miserable outcome when this happens. It can really put you out of your comfort zone and daily life routine. It really tends to give the carpet cleaining industry and carpet cleaners in general a bad reputation. These are the kinds of things that can get consumers thinking about going to wood floors or tile and grout. If this keeps up, there may never be anymore carpet to clean one of these days.

To get more tips, tricks, and information from a reputable source and stop the vicious cycle of cheap, crappy carpet cleaning results, learn much more here and see why it’s so important to set the tempo for success early on from the get go and not just concentrate on saving a buck all the time.

How To Guide For Treating Gout

About Gout Treatment

Treating gout is an event different from any other, and you need to prepare respectively. You shouldn't treat it lightly as it will be something like you’ve never experienced in the past. If you want to do well with curing your gouty condition, you should train your mind for the distinctive challenges which treating gout presents.

Following are some guidelines to get potentially successful treatment off the ground:

-- Drinking plenty of water

Drinking plenty of water is an integral part of the equation that someone aiming to treat gout should do. If you are acclimated to drinking plenty of water, when it's time to cure gout, it'll be a practice you do without thinking. It will be like second nature. Try not to substitute water with other drinks such as coffee, tea, soft drinks and other sugar drinks from concentrate as they will not only not be able to keep you as hydrated as you need to be, but they will most likely keep your gouty condition going because of the purines in the sugars, or the dehydration properties that coffee has. Drink plenty of water. It’s your best bet at being able to flush your system of uric acid causing gout.

-- Eliminating purine foods

Eliminating purine foods daily will help you accomplish your objective of getting your gout under control. Eliminating purine foods assures that you will be prepared the instant that time comes to treat gout. Things like steak, pork, fried foods, sugars, shellfish, herring, anchovies, sweetbreads like liver and kidneys, moderately high purine foods such as legumes, spinach, and asparagus, soda pop and other high fructose corn syrup based beverages… the list goes on. Treating gout is a mental task just as it would be a physical one. You will have to become somewhat of a planner and knowledgeable, as well as determined to carry out the task at hand.

-- Lowering uric acid

Treating Gout PainThe secret to succeeding with treating gout is contingent upon lowering uric acid, yet many people do not recognize just how vital that really is! By simply lowering uric acid you would see to it that you will be better prepared to treat gout, because it will be easier for your body to flush out the remaining uric acid. Learning not to continually add to the excess amounts already present by bombarding your body with purine rich eats and drink is going to be essential otherwise you will always have to haggle with debilitating pain in your affected joints.

One of the smartest ways to figure out whether you will be able to treat gout is to assess the regular practices of individuals who already treat gout regularly. You wouldn't need to assimilate their successes instantaneously, since that might be cumbersome. However, you ought to be prepared to expend as much effort as they do. Follow their practices, since they are explicitly where you would like to be. Furthermore, ask yourself the following questions below:

- Do I have a determined personality?

- Is this something I can do at home?

- Will I be able to achieve success?

Ideally, if you answered positively to these specific questions above, then treating gout is probably going to be a breeze for you. Just think… no more pain and agony! You’re going to feel better overall, you’re going to be able to walk around better, you’re going to be without the anticipation of when your next attack is lurking around the corner.

Congratulations for committing to that first step toward accomplishing your objectives by continuing to read!

Please consider several thoughts one must anticipate before attempting to cure gout. Treatment will probably not be the most challenging part of the process. What will most likely be the challenging part of the process is controlling it through routine maintenance once you’ve gotten it under control. You’re going to have to become used to not taking in so many purines through the foods you are used to eating. If you drink a lot of sugar drinks like soda, you are going to have to cut those out. If you like to drink a lot of beer, you’re definitely going to want to stop that. Of course, you can continue on with a gouty diet by taking in all of the above mentioned, but how successful will you really be in the end? This quest to bring your gout under control is going to depend upon you to change some things. So, it would be smart to get as prepared as possible before starting.

If curing gout sounds like a daunting task, look at for the best information at beginning with these practices to figure out whether you can do it on a regular basis or not. Likewise, apply the same thought process if completing your goal seems completely impossible. If you think you can do this successfully, then putting in the time for treatment would be very worthwhile. You would then be on your way to achieving a different level of victory!